Seamless Compliance, Superior Reach

Send SMS campaigns safely and legally with our uniquely compliant messaging platform. We handle all regulations and protocols so you can focus on engaging your customers.


Blow Up Your Deal Flow with Compliant SMS Outreach.


Amplify Your Prospect Outreach

  • Local Presence: Text prospects using local numbers, creating a personalized touch that resonates.

  • Multi-Device Accessibility: Whether you're on the go or at the office, send messages from any device, seamlessly. You can even message hot leads from your own mobile device using your native text messaging application so that you’re never late to the conversation again.

  • High Volume, High Efficiency: Reach thousands of leads daily with our robust platform, turning prospects into profitable conversions faster.

  • Compliance First: Navigate the complexities of TCPA, CTIA, and 10DLC with ease. We manage the regulations, so you focus on what you do best—closing deals.

Keep the conversation going with Sequences.

Follow-up with leads using our advanced manual drip campaign builder, with real-time visibility into campaign performance.

Effortless Compliance. Effortless Protection.

Our SMS platform undergoes rigorous validation by top TCPA lawyers to preempt every compliance risk. We automate the identification and exclusion of litigators while ensuring no texts ever qualify as illegal robo-messaging. Stay confident while safely expanding your outreach.

Pair with highly accurate data

Achieve higher SMS response rates by arming campaigns with Lead Sherpa's unrivaled Skip Tracing contact records. Our skip technology instantly unearths up to 14 enriched data points per lead - including highly accurate mobile numbers, real-time property alerts, and vacancy flags - so you can target higher-intent prospects.

Stop wasting money on stale, unreliable data and transform SMS results today.


Trusted by top real-estate investors.

  • “In just a few months, Lead Sherpa has generated us $20,000 in revenue. It's effective. It's affordable. It's fun to use and has been a game changer for our business.”

  • “I got paid my first assignment fee since signing up for Lead Sherpa! Thanks Lead Sherpa for giving me the marketing platform to make this happen!!”

  • “Lead Sherpa has become our number one skip tracing platform. Their extra features and quality of data are unmatched!”

  • “The best text messaging service that I've come across. High-quality mobile numbers and whenever I have a question, the team gets back to me really fast.”

More Leads, More Conversations, More Deals.

Increase your conversions at record speed with compliant SMS for real-estate marketing. Lead Sherpa created the first compliant text-messaging software for real estate investors.

Easily send and manage SMS campaigns from one place, and send personalized and custom messaging at scale.

Join the thousands of REIs who use Lead Sherpa every day.