Skip Trace

14 Data Points; Instant Results. Find Thousands of Commercial & Residential Sellers in Seconds.


Skip Trace Pricing

*Monthly billable hits aggregated over 13 weeks.

Unlock savings with our dynamic pricing model: Our system intelligently monitors your activity over a 13-week cycle, adjusting prices downward as your usage climbs. Hit predefined milestones, and we'll unlock even better rates, automatically applying these discounts to celebrate and support your expanding operations. It's our way of ensuring the more you explore, the more you save.


Skip Trace Features

  • Pay Only For Hits
  • Automated FIle De-Duplication
  • Multiple Owners per Record
  • Multiple Contact Points per Owner Found
  • Litigator and Litigator Associate Flags
  • Refresh Data Control from Immediate to 18 months
  • Process Multiple Files at Once
  • Export Data Rows by Property or Contact
  • API/SDK - process millions of records per day

Dynamic Pricing

Unlock discounted skip trace pricing instantly through multi-tiered subscription packages.


Skip Trace Built for Real-Estate Pros.


Highly Accurate Contact Data, Stacked Automatically.

Access precise contact details for individuals, LLCs, Trusts, and corporate entities that own residential and commercial properties.

Our Skip Trace tool delivers immediate access to extensive details, offering up to 14 vital data points per record. This includes critical financial indicators such as bankruptcy status, foreclosure history, lien information, litigator, and vacancy flags.

Seamlessly integrated with PropStack®, this data is automatically categorized, streamlining your process to identify and connect with the most motivated sellers.

Pay for Data Once.

Our platform intelligently identifies and excludes prospects you’ve previously uploaded and skip traced, ensuring you never pay twice for the same data.

Push to SMS Campaigns.

Effortlessly push skip-traced data directly into SMS campaigns or fine-tune your campaign lists in PropStack® first. 


Effortless Data Mapping

Streamline your workflow by instantly mapping and processing your uploaded files at more than 1,000 records per minute.

Refresh by Date

Save money with “Refresh by Date”. You’re in command and now have precise control over when your records are updated.

Want to ensure only contact records untouched in the last 6 months are refreshed? Consider it done!


Looking for Accurate data Delivered Fast?

Lead Sherpa pioneered these Skip Trace features:

1. Instant

Instant Delivery

Submit your file and the system springs into action, processing at an unparalleled speed of over 1,000 records per minute. Enjoy the fastest delivery in the market.

2. Duplicate

Duplicate Check

Lead Sherpa checks for prospects already in your database, and does not charge for data that you already own. This feature saves our customers millions of dollars every year.

3. Only Pay

Refresh by Date

Enhance savings and efficiency with “Refresh by Date,” giving you the power to dictate the timing of your record updates.


Trusted by Top Real-Estate Investors.

  • “In just a few months, Lead Sherpa has generated us $20,000 in revenue. It's effective. It's affordable. It's fun to use and has been a game changer for our business.”

  • “I got paid my first assignment fee since signing up for Lead Sherpa! Thanks Lead Sherpa for giving me the marketing platform to make this happen!!”

  • “Lead Sherpa has become our number one skip tracing platform. Their extra features and quality of data are unmatched!”

  • “The best text messaging service that I've come across. High-quality mobile numbers and whenever I have a question, the team gets back to me really fast.”

Premium Skip Trace

Lead Sherpa leads the way in fast and accurate skip tracing. Get instant data for quicker leads and more deals, saving both time and money.

Our advanced tool provides up to 14 key data points per record, charging only for new information. Easily integrate these details into your SMS campaigns and auto-tag properties with just a few clicks.

Join the Thousands of REIs who use Lead Sherpa Every Day.