Skip Trace API

Transform property data into actionable insights with unparalleled accuracy. Our robust Skip Trace API provides comprehensive owner mapping, effortless data enrichment, and single-call integration.


API Benefits

  • Effortless Data Enrichment
  • Pinpoint Precision, Enhanced Accuracy
  • Comprehensive Owner Mapping
  • System Compatibility
  • Superior Data Standardization
  • Precision Targeting
  • Unmatched Data Depth, Transparent Pricing
  • National and State DNC Flags
    Litigator Flags
  • One API Call, Comprehensive Data

Effortless Data Enrichment

Go well beyond mere locations and addresses; weave a more detailed tapestry of property intelligence that grants unparalleled access to a world of insights, including direct multi-owner contact information. Our API allows you to seamlessly enhance property data with just a few lines of code.

Pinpoint Precision, Enhanced Accuracy

Skip Sherpa is not just fast—it's precise. Our API specializes in identifying and rectifying data inaccuracies with speed, drastically improving your data reliability for more confident decision-making.

Comprehensive Owner Mapping

Experience a 360-degree view of property connections with our enriched property graph — from owners to intricate corporate linkages, revealing essential data within a single, unified framework.

System Compatibility

Our data integrates effortlessly with your systems, supporting formats from FIPS to international standards, ensuring a smooth transition and consistent operation within your existing workflows.

Superior Data Standardization

Trust in the integrity of your data with Skip Sherpa's comprehensive standardization. We strive for a unified data truth, eliminating discrepancies and offering clarity across all records.

Precision Targeting

With Skip Sherpa, unlock the potential in every property by uncovering key indicators like vacancy, bankruptcy, foreclosure and judgment flags, offering a more complete picture of an owner’s likelihood to sell.


All-in-One Data Integration

Skip Sherpa offers a unified property overview, reducing the need for multiple API calls and ensuring more informed business decisions.

Unmatched  Depth, Simple Pricing

Gain access to unparalleled data richness with a single price per successful property lookup. Our API merges multiple data sources, offering up to 16 contacts per property—each with extensive and highly accurate phone number and contact details.

One API Call, Comprehensive Data

Cut through the complexity with Skip Sherpa's single-call solution. Other services add up costs per endpoint, but we deliver a full spectrum of owner information with one efficient API call, streamlining your operations and optimizing your budget.

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