Identify the Hottest Properties with PropStack®

Stack your lists to find properties with multiple distress indicators and easily contact the most motivated sellers.


Unlock the Power of Precision: Discover the BEST Leads with Property List Stacking


Identify Property Owners who are Ready to Sell.

Pinpoint Distressed Properties: With PropStack®, you can easily stack your lists to highlight properties showing multiple distress indicators. This advanced feature ensures you're always one step ahead, identifying the most lucrative investment opportunities before anyone else.

Connect with Motivated Sellers: Access a streamlined communication channel that puts you directly in touch with the most motivated sellers. PropStack® simplifies the outreach process, enabling you to initiate conversations effortlessly and negotiate deals more effectively.

Maximize Your Investment Potential: By focusing on properties with higher distress levels, you increase your chances of securing deals at below-market prices. PropStack® is designed to give you the competitive edge to expand your portfolio and maximize returns.

Enhance Your Prospect Profiles with PropStack®

What Makes PropStack Stand Out?

Comprehensive Property Insights: Gain a competitive edge with detailed information on a property’s last sold date, vacancy status, loan details, bed and bath count, and square footage. Our data is sourced from the highest quality providers, ensuring you receive the most reliable insights available.

Free Data Appending: PropStack® offers unparalleled value by appending property information to your records for free. This means you can enhance your database with critical property details without incurring additional costs.

Superior Skip Trace Tool: Locate hard-to-find contact information with ease. Our Skip Trace tool is designed to provide you with highly accurate contact details, making it effortless to connect with property owners. This powerful feature ensures you can reach out to prospects with confidence, backed by the most up-to-date information.


Get in front of prospects first.

Push prospect lists directly to SMS campaigns. PropStack® is seamlessly integrated into the Lead Sherpa platform to accelerate your marketing efforts so that you can be the first and only investor the property owner meets.


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The smart way to find distressed properties

No more comparing spreadsheets. PropStack® allows you to upload as many files under as many property tags as you need. If a property was uploaded under a previous list, PropStack® will attach the new tag to the property to avoid duplicate records. Not only that, the system will append property details, such as beds, baths, square footage, last sold date, and more for free. Skip Trace and Compliant SMS campaigns can be accessed from the same place for accelerated marketing efforts.

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