Our Data

Close more deals with highly accurate skip trace data.

How it works

4-step process on how we get reliable data back to you in minutes.

  1. Collect – Property addresses with optional contact names and mailing addresses are uploaded. 
  2. Standardize – Uploaded addresses are cleaned and standardized to USPS standards
  3. FilterDuplicates are removed. If selected, existing records in your Lead Sherpa database are also suppressed.
  4. Enrich – remaining records are skip traced and further enriched with highly accurate data from more than 40 different sources.

With every search, you get:

  • Automated processing – lists returned in real-time!
  • In-line LLC, trust and entity batch skip trace: Get hits on virtually every property
  • Only charged for hits – you pay only if we return data back to you
  • HIGH hit rates – Averaging 97%+ across millions of records every month
  • Automated file de-duplication + Suppress against existing data:
    • Never purchase the same phone number twice
  • Free litigator scrub on every search – check each phone number for litigious prospects
  • Search by property address only – free append of owner name and mailing address
  • 25 record minimum for batch search – lowest in the industry
  • Single search Skip Trace available

By the numbers

  • 98%+ avg match rates per million records
  • 14+ Data points per match
    • Up to 3 phone numbers for primary search
    • Up to 2 relatives with up to 3 phone numbers each
    • Up to 2 emails
    • Prospect Age
    • Property owner Golden Address® – mail or door knock the updated owner address that no other investors know about
    • Property owner validated USPS deliverable mailing address
    • Property owner IP address
    • Vacant property flag
    • Bankruptcy flag and date
    • Deceased flag and date
    • Foreclosure flag and date
    • Liens flag and date
    • Judgments flag and date
    • Litigator flag
    • Landline or Mobile flag
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Data FAQs

Some data sets are updated daily. Most data sets are updated weekly. All data sets are refreshed a minimum of once per month.

Lead Sherpa returns credit bureau-level data on every hit. Put us to the test and see what a difference premium skip trace data can make in your business.

Lead Sherpa has coverage on over 97% of American adults and 99%+ coverage on every property record in the country.

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