Supercharge Your Real Estate Prospecting with Highly-Accurate Data

Stop wasting time and money on outdated or inaccurate prospect data. You can access highly accurate, up-to-date information on your prospects, giving you a distinct advantage in a competitive market.


Our Industry-Defining Process is Simple and Effective:

Step 1


Upload your target property addresses. Property owner names and mailing addresses are always optional.

Step 2


We clean and standardize your target addresses, ensuring accuracy and precision in every record before the filtering stage.

Step 3


Our powerful filters eliminate irrelevant or outdated information and duplicate records, leaving only high-quality seed data to be enriched.

Step 4


This is where the magic happens! We enrich your data with highly accurate information from more than 40 unique sources, giving you a comprehensive view of your prospects.

Enhance Your Prospect Database with Superior Data



Average Match Rates



Data Points per Match



Unique Data Sources

14+ Data Points Per Match

  • 3 phone numbers for primary search
  • 2 relatives with up to 3 phone numbers each
  • 2 emails addresses
  • Prospect Age
  • Golden Address® – Gain exclusive access to updated owner addresses for mailing or door knocking, staying ahead of other investors.
  • Validated USPS deliverable mailing address
  • IP address
  • Vacant/Bankruptcy/Deceased/Foreclosure property flag and date
  • Liens/Judgements/Litigator flag and date
  • Landline or Mobile flag

Search Benefits

  • 98%+ hit rates across millions of records every month.
  • Automated processing: get your results in real-time.
  • LLC, trust, and entity batch skip trace: get hits on virtually every property.
  • Only pay if data is returned/ no hits equals no charges.
  • Automated file de-duplication and suppression against your existing database ensure you never purchase the same phone number twice.
  • Free litigator scrub checks each phone number for litigious prospects.
  • Property address only search: append owner name, mailing address, and many other data points.

Precision is Profit: Highly Accurate Data for REI Professionals


Data Points per Match​


Unique Data Sources​


Average Match Rates​


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