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Guides and Checklists
Secure More Leads in Changing REI Landscape

See how high-volume real-estate investors are using SMS marketing to secure more leads in an ever-changing real-estate landscape.

Guides and Checklists
10 Keys to Success in SMS Marketing

Follow these rules to increase your chances of success with SMS Prospecting

Guides and Checklists
SMS Compliance Guide

Are you staying ahead of the most recent changes in SMS marketing in real estate? Download the guide to stay informed.

Onboarding Series
Getting Started with Lead Sherpa Quickstart Guide

Use this guide to start your SMS Marketing journey with Lead Sherpa.

Guides and Checklists
SMS Marketing ROI Calculator

Make sure that SMS is going to fit your needs by using our intuitive SMS marketing ROI Calculator. Simply input a few numbers, chose your plan, and start closing more REI deals.

Guides and Checklists
The REI Getting Started Checklist

New to REI? Here’s a quick checklist to get started with SMS

Guides and Checklists
Evaluating Compliant SMS Software

This checklist will help you to determine if texting is compliant with your use case

Guides and Checklists
Building Your Buyer’s List Checklist

Build your list with motivated property sellers using this checklist.

Guides and Checklists
Recent SMS Regulation Changes

Read about recent SMS regulations to make sure you are staying compliant.