Compliant Texting™ for
Real Estate Pros.

TCPA compliant peer to peer text messaging.

We are selectively adding experienced investors every day.

Works beautifully with top CRMs:
Local Phone Numbers

No short codes here - Sherpa only uses local 10-digit long code phone numbers. You choose the area code.

Litigator Scrub

Automatically skip risky prospects. Our litigator database is updated every week with DNC complainers and TCPA litigants.

Zapier Compatible

Instantly push your lead data anywhere. Push to Podio > send a notification text to your sales rep > add data to spreadsheet.

Data Merge Messaging

Merge individual prospect data into each unique message you send. The best part? Sherpa is scaleable.

Vacant Property ID

USPS address validation and vacant property identification. Find the vacant properties in your database to focus on first.

Call & SMS Relay

Call and text with hot leads right from your phone. Relay masks your personal phone number and allows instant communication with your hottest leads.

Why Text Message?

You already have 5 marketing channels working well for you, why do you need another? Consider the following when you compare SMS prospecting to Direct Mail or Cold Calling:


of all text messages are read within 3 seconds.


response rate - does it get any better than this?


faster than calling; infinitely faster than mail.


final read rate. Do you have any unread text messages on your phone? We didn't think so 😉

Need phone numbers? Premium Skip Trace™

Sherpa customers receive integrated premium skip tracing at the best prices available without a subscription. We only offer top quality data, with pricing as low as $0.15 per record.

Instant Delivery

Submit your file and our system goes to work processing it immediately. Fastest delivery available, guaranteed.

Only Pay for Hits

Other skip tracing services charge you for every search, even if no results are returned. Sherpa only charges for positive hits - search LLC and trust owners with no risk.

Duplicate Check

Skip tracing large batches? Sherpa checks for prospects you have already searched, and does not charge for data you already own.

Top Quality Data

Sherpa's data is as good or better than the top data providers out there - the "3 letter" companies have nothing on us!

Ready to use the best skip trace system in the world? Use invite code “skipsherpa” and get started NOW!

Sherpa Pricing

We are selectively adding experienced investors to the system every week. If you have a marketing budget, are regularly closing deals, and can commit to at least 90 days of service, we want to speak with you!

Level 1

Annual $450/mo $500/mo

  • 10,000 Monthly Prospect Uploads
  • 3 Phone Numbers / Prospect Upload
  • Unlimited Texting
  • Unlimited Litigator Scrubbing
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Up to 30 local Phone Numbers Included
  • Unlimited additional local Phone Numbers $1 each
  • Call Forwarding
  • Zapier Integration
  • $0.15 / Hit Automated Skip Trace
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Best Value
Level 2

Annual $900/mo $1,000/mo

  • 25,000 Monthly Prospect Uploads
  • 3 Phone Numbers / Prospect Upload
  • Unlimited Texting
  • Unlimited Litigator Scrubbing
  • Unlimited Team Members
  • Up to 30 local Phone Numbers Included
  • Unlimited additional local Phone Numbers $1 each
  • Call Forwarding
  • Zapier Integration
  • $0.15 / Hit Automated Skip Trace
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Our users us!

Check out what our users have to say about Sherpa:

It’s an absolutely phenomenal system. You guys have been great about taking our suggestions and implementing them to make Sherpa better on a weekly basis.
Nathan P.
I have 30 years of marketing, design, and customer service experience and you guys are as good as it gets. Thank you!
Christy S.
After a week of using the system I got a property under contract! Love it!!!
Clifford W.
I can say without hesitation that Jason and his team are absolutely setting the bar for support and customer service. They are approachable, knowledgeable and available. This is a great team and a great product. Highly recommend!
Candy O.
Just after using Sherpa for less than a month we already have two deals under contract and a third one should be coming tomorrow. Your software is nothing short of amazing, so thank you!
Kacey G.
Awesome system. We've used a different SMS marketing software but the results we're getting with Sherpa are much better. I'd definitely recommend it!
Omar R.
Just closed first deal in about six weeks using Sherpa and have two more pending and lots more in the pipeline!
Trae T.
We've been testing and learning the Lead Sherpa SMS system and have sent 350 texts... we signed a contract with one of our Sherpa prospects today and have a cash offer... I am very impressed!
Barry B.
Been using Sherpa for two days and already got a contract signed with $80k margin and dozens of viable leads, thanks Jason Nickel and team!
Trey B.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions we often get asked are answered below!

Our attorneys have thoroughly reviewed Sherpa, and they believe the system is compliant as the laws are currently written for two reasons: 1. We are not selling or advertising any goods or services, so the vast majority of the law does not apply to our texts. 2. Sherpa is NOT an ATDS. Consent to contact is not required because Sherpa is not an auto-dialer.

Absolutely. But we've done everything we can to mitigate that risk by pruning out litigious prospects before you message them, and we've built the system to be compliant with the law. We have never had a user penalized for using our system - Sherpa has a 100% clean track record.

Your Sherpa membership will be charged on a subscription basis with renewals every 30 days. We have two subscription levels: Our Mid-Market plan is $500 a month, and our Large-Market plan is $1000 a month. To request access to Sherpa, schedule a time for a brief phone call at the top of this page.

Yes, you can use the skip trace tool without subscription using code "skipsherpa". Users of the skip trace tool will be charged for all record searches that return any type of data. Price per hit is $0.15.

There is no other skip trace system that even comes close to providing as much value as this one. You'll receive: phone numbers, mailing address updates that we call the "golden address," email addresses, birth date, deceased flag, bankruptcy flag and relative's contact information!

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