TCPA Compliant SMS Campaign Platform for Real Estate Investors

Close more deals in less time with one easy system.

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A few of our happy customers

The only system you need for easy, compliant and profitable SMS campaigns.

  • Vetted and approved by top TCPA attorneys
  • Get started in less time than creating one mailer
  • Send thousands of messages a day
  • Contact hard-to-find sellers with skip tracing
  • Track performance and follow up in one place

“It’s an absolutely phenomenal system. You guys have been great about taking our suggestions and implementing them to make Lead Sherpa™ better on a weekly basis.”

Nathan P.

Growth Real Estate Investment

Why texting works

Text messaging blows other marketing channels out of the water

Of all text messages are read within 3 seconds.

Response rate – does it get any better than this?

Faster than calling; infinitely faster than mail.

Final read rate. Not many people will leave a text unread.

Your search for a better marketing channel ends here

Cold calling, direct mail and manual SMS alone are too time-consuming and expensive to help you grow at speed. So you’re forever looking for better ways to find leads.

Give your deal flow the kiss of life

Lead Sherpa™ gives you the tools you need to combat weak deal flow, rising competition, and dying marketing channels.

Connect with more leads, more efficiently

Stop throwing money away on blanket mailers and calls. Focus your time on only the most motivated sellers. No cold-calling army required.

Get rapid responses at scale and save on marketing costs…

Own your growth pipeline…

❌  Stop worrying about where your next deal is coming from

✅  Experience a steady lead flow powering your growth

With a workflow that pulls its weight…

❌  No more fighting with buggy, cumbersome tools

✅  Enjoy a tool so simple your VA can handle it

To scale your marketing efforts.

❌  Quit pouring away time and money on ineffective marketing

✅  Focus on motivated sellers and making profitable deals

Ready to grow your real estate profits?

“Since fully using Lead Sherpa™ as a source of seller lead generation it is outperforming all other marketing for our team! Lead Sherpa™ has been a game-changer for our acquisitions team. We have locked up 4 Lead Sherpa™ contracts in 2 weeks.”


“I’m very happy to announce that thanks to Lead Sherpa™ I made a very substantial amount of money in 3.5 hours today. I am EXTREMELY happy. Jason Nickel, you rock. THANK YOU.”

Marina S.

“Week 1 of Lead Sherpa™… 2,254 messages sent, 2 appointments, 1 contract!! Thanks, Lead Sherpa™ this is a game-changer and so easy to use!!”

Chad L.

“We just started Lead Sherpa™, and we’ve sent a little under 2,800 texts. We already have 31 legitimate leads. 2 cash deal appointments this afternoon, both ready to sign. 3 more appointments next week and 1 offer out right now to sign.”

Michelle M.

What's different about Lead Sherpa™?

Real Estate Specific

Built by REI pros who’ve tried everything you’ve tried to get the deals flowing.

Mighty Easy

Run massive campaigns in seconds. Reach tons of sellers fast without battling a cumbersome interface.

Compliant Texting

Lead Sherpa™ helps you stay on the right side of the law. Top attorneys have combed our system to verify TCPA compliance.

Simple Setup

Start generating leads in minutes. Learn to use it yourself, have your reps run it, or outsource it to an affordable VA.

Fast Support

Our average customer support response time is 10 minutes or less. This is your business we’re talking about, we never want to be a blocker.


Take action on hot leads immediately with SMS or Direct Mail campaigns. Deep dive into property and prospect info.

Clear, simple pricing.

$0.0075 per message

3 phone numbers per prospect

Unlimited Litigator Scrubbing

Call Forwarding

Unlimited Team Members

Zapier Integration

30+ Local Phone Numbers

$0.15 / Hit Automated Skip Trace


Choose your subscription

Lead Sherpa’s SMS platform integrates with Twilio. Additional carrier fees may apply.


Not sure what you need? Begin with Core and upgrade to Pro or Enterprise anytime!
Need more than 35,000 Monthly Prospect Uploads? Contact us!