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Close more deals with the Lead Sherpa Platform

Thousands of real estate pros are using Lead Sherpa to dominate their market.

Premium Compliant SMS and Skip Tracing tools

Lead Sherpa® was created specifically for real estate professionals. We understand your pain points and have worked tirelessly to address them.

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Compliant SMS

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Skip Tracing

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List Stacking

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Compliant SMS

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List Stacking

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The best way to close real-estate deals.

Close more deals in less time using one simple platform. Whether you’re wholesaling, flipping, or building a rental portfolio, Lead Sherpa will help you reduce marketing costs, unglue yourself from hours of cold-calling, and remain TCPA compliant – all this while increasing your deal flow.

1 - Property Lists

Find motivated sellers.

Effortlessly manage your lists of properties and prospects. Upload your data without needing to cross-check for duplicates. Our list stacking tool, PropStack™, will consolidate multiple entries of the same address into one record and append missing data. Tag your data on each import (or use skip trace to auto-tag) to find your ideal sellers.

Build engaging SMS campaigns.

Increase engagement with more prospects in record time. Our TCPA-compliant SMS text messaging feature was the first text-messaging system for the REI industry.

Send texts to generate more leads and follow-up on non-replies with always-on compliance. Manage communications right from your dashboard, personalize messages with the owner’s name and address, and see real-time delivery and response rates.

Finally, you can use Sequences drip campaigns to automatically schedule SMS and/or Call Reminders for compliant follow-ups with already engaged prospects.

2 - SMS (1)
4 - Skip Trace

Source high-quality prospect data.

Quality data that’s never duplicated and always up-to-date. Get up to 14 data points for personal, trust, entity, and LLC-owned properties in an instant. Pay only for new data that is returned by the skip trace system — never pay for data you already own or do not need. Lead Sherpa will automatically sync data so you can immediately start your outreach efforts.

Manage All Your Real-estate Marketing in one area.

Once you find your sellers, prepare campaigns right from the same place. You can build a 360-degree marketing plan using text and call campaigns and get rich insights into your marketing efforts.

5 - Manage Marketing
6 - Push Communications

Communicate your way.

You can text or call right from Lead Sherpa. And with Prospect Relay, you can text and call from your personal device using the same number so prospects know it’s you every time. Our text message feature ensures you never fall outside of compliance.

Stay ahead of Compliance.

Lead Sherpa is backed by our compliance promise. We stay on top of the ever-changing landscape of texting and skip tracing rules and regulations so users can deploy their outreach campaigns with confidence.

7 - Stay Compliant
8 - Amazing Customer Support

Receive Responsive Customer Support.

Our tool is easy to use, but if you ever need help, our best-in-class customer support team is at your fingertips. Our team of REI veterans, engineers, and customer success managers are obsessed with helping our customers, getting feedback and adding new features that make it easier and faster to generate more leads and close more deals than ever before.

Partner with an REI Innovator to help you Scale.

We build premium technology for bold real estate investing. We’re continuously improving our platform to help get investors in front of bigger and better deals at record speed because we know how one second can make all the difference. 

9 - Partner