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Skip Trace

14 Data Points; Instant Results.  Find Thousands of  Commercial & Residential Sellers in Seconds.

Skip Trace

Skip Trace

Close Your Next Deal with the Most Powerful Skip Trace System in the World.

14 Data Points – Instant Results. Commercial & Residential. Find Thousands of Sellers in Seconds.

Skip Trace Pricing

*Monthly billable hits aggregated over a 13 week period.

Unlock savings with our dynamic pricing model: The more you skip trace, the less you pay per search. We meticulously track your skip tracing activity over a 13-week cycle, ensuring that as your volume increases, your costs decrease. Each milestone achieved within this period unlocks a new discount level, automatically applied to your account, rewarding your growing usage with substantial savings.


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Skip Trace built for real-estate pros.

Highly accurate contact data, stacked automatically for you.

Gain access to precise contact details for individuals, LLCs, Trusts, and corporate entities that own residential and commercial properties.

With Skip Trace, you receive instant returns of up to 14 data points for each record, covering bankruptcy, foreclosure, lien, litigator, and vacancy indicators. These prospects are then automatically organized in PropStack®, enabling you to quickly pinpoint and reach out to the most eager sellers.

Highly accurate contact data, stacked automatically.

Receive highly accurate contact information for personal, LLC, Trust, and corporately owned residential and commercial properties.

Skip Trace will instantly return up to 14 data points per record, including bankruptcy, foreclosure, lien, litigator, and vacancy flags; then automatically stack the prospects in PropStack® so that you can easily identify and contact your most motivated sellers while avoiding troublesome litigators.

Only pay for data once.

Our platform intelligently identifies and excludes prospects you’ve previously uploaded and skip traced, ensuring you never pay twice for the same data before initiating a new search.

Push to SMS campaigns.

With Lead Sherpa, effortlessly push skip traced data directly into SMS campaigns or fine-tune your campaign lists in PropStack® first. Our services are fully interconnected, streamlining your lead generation process for maximum efficiency.

Only pay for data once.

Skip Trace checks for prospects that you’ve already uploaded in the Lead Sherpa platform before running a new search so that you never pay for data that you already own.

Push to SMS campaigns.

Push skip traced data directly into an SMS campaign, or view and refine your campaign lists in PropStack® first. Lead Sherpa’s services are fully integrated with each other simplifying your lead generation efforts.

Effortless Data Mapping

Streamline your workflow by instantly mapping and processing your uploaded files.

Refresh by Date

Save money with “Refresh by Date”. You’re in command and now have precise control over when your records are updated. Want to ensure only contact records untouched in the last 6 months are refreshed? Consider it done!

Looking for accurate data, delivered fast?

Lead Sherpa pioneered these Skip Trace features:

Instant Delivery

Submit your file and the system springs into action, processing at an unparalleled speed of over 1,000 records per minute. Enjoy the fastest delivery in the market.

Duplicate Check

Lead Sherpa checks for prospects already in your database, and does not charge for data that you already own. This feature saves our customers millions of dollars every year.

Refresh by Date

Enhance savings and efficiency with “Refresh by Date,” giving you the power to dictate the timing of your record updates.

Get premium Skip Trace at a fraction of the cost

Lead Sherpa stands unrivaled as the industry leader in speed and accuracy for skip trace services. Our system delivers data to you instantly, enabling rapid lead generation and increased deal flow, all while optimizing your marketing budget and saving time. 

Our sophisticated skip trace tool returns up to 14 valuable data points per record, while ensuring you pay only for the new and necessary data you require. With the convenience of a few clicks, you can seamlessly push these records into your targeted SMS campaigns and auto-tag properties, streamlining your workflow and enhancing your outreach strategy.

Get premium Skip Trace at a fraction of the cost

Lead Sherpa is the fastest and most accurate skip trace service in the industry. Data is returned to you instantly so you can generate leads quickly and close more deals — all while saving time and money on your marketing efforts. 

Our skip trace tool will return up to 14 data points but you’ll only pay for the data you need and do not already have. Push records right to your targeted SMS campaigns and auto-tag properties all with a few clicks.