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Lead Sherpa™ checks for prospects you’ve already searched, and doesn’t charge for data you already own.

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  • Never purchase the same phone number twice
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  • Instantly search LLC, trust & entity owned properties
  • Instantly search single records, or batch search a minimum of only 25 records
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So much more than just accurate phone numbers, what data will you get back?

For just 15¢ per hit you will get everything listed below.

  • Up to 3 phone numbers for primary search
  • Up to 2 relatives with up to 3 phone numbers each (9 total phone numbers)
  • Up to 3 emails
  • Golden Address – property owner address that no other investors know about
  • Vacant property ID, bankruptcy flag + date, & deceased flag + date
  • Foreclosure, lien & judgment flags
  • Litigator flag
  • Prospect Age
  • IP Address
  • Validated USPS deliverable mailing address

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