Smart Follow Up Campaign Builder integrated with Premium Skip Trace

Quickly & easily start conversations with thousands of prospects. Manage, track and follow-up with new leads all in one place.

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Why Lead Sherpa™?

Smart Follow-Up Campaigns

We’ve recently improved our follow-up campaigns so that you can filter and target specific prospects. Never miss out on a lead again.

Dashboard & Reporting

Our all new dashboard gives you insights into how your campaigns are performing across the board so you can optimize in real-time.

First Class Customer Support

Our customer support response time is on average 10 minutes or less. This is your business we are talking about, so we never want to become a blocker.

Created FOR real estate investors by a real estate investor.

Lead Sherpa™ was created specifically for real estate investors by a real estate investor. We know the in’s and out’s of the market because we’ve been there too. That’s why we have been able to create a tool set focused on what you need.

  • Call & text hot leads right from your desktop or phone
  • Local 10 digit phone numbers with your area code
  • Automatically skip TCPA litigants
  • USPS address validation & vacant property identification

Speak to more motivated sellers. Waste less time and money.

Between our premium integrated skip trace and our smart follow-up campaign builder, you’ll be able to have the right conversations with the right prospects at the right time. And that’s half the battle, right?

  • Smart follow-up campaign builder & prospect filtering
  • Customizable lead stages
  • Mobile access for quick response time

Effortlessly organize your data with auto-tags.

Use Lead Sherpa™’s skip trace alongside the text and calling platforms and all data tags auto-sync for you. Easily identify the best contacts to contact with the right message at the right time.

“Since fully using Lead Sherpa™ as a source of seller lead generation it is outperforming all other marketing for our team! Lead Sherpa™ has been a game-changer for our acquisitions team. We have locked up 4 Lead Sherpa™ contracts in 2 weeks.”


“I’m very happy to announce that thanks to Lead Sherpa™ I made a very substantial amount of money in 3.5 hours today. I am EXTREMELY happy. Jason Nickel, you rock. THANK YOU.”

Marina S.

“We just started Lead Sherpa™, and we’ve sent a little under 2,800 texts. We already have 31 legitimate leads. 2 cash deal appointments this afternoon, both ready to sign. 3 more appointments next week and 1 offer out right now to sign.”

Michelle M.

See campaign insights in real time. Optimize in an instant.

With our new dashboard and campaign metrics you can track, compare and analyze how your campaigns (and specific templates!) are performing across the board.

  • Campaign comparison tool
  • Tracking & insights across all active campaigns
  • Individual message template stats

The best customer service & community support in the industry.

Between our customer service team and our Facebook community you can get your questions answered, on average, in 10 minutes or less. Not only that, but you can also get industry tips and success stories from other Lead Sherpa™ users.

  • Average of 10 minutes customer support response time
  • Active user community
  • Bi-weekly QA & training webinars
  • Easy on-boarding – get started generating leads quickly

Local Phone Numbers

No short codes here – Lead Sherpa™ only uses local 10-digit long code phone numbers. You choose the area code.

Litigator Scrub

Automatically skip risky prospects. Our database is updated every week with complainers and litigants.

Call & SMS Relay

Relay masks your personal phone number and allows instant communication with your hottest leads.

Data Merge Messaging

Merge individual prospect data into each unique message you send.

Vacant Property ID

USPS address validation allows you to find the vacant properties in your database to focus on first.

Works With Top CRMS

Instantly push your lead data anywhere. Push to Podio, InvestorFuse, Beastmode, Freedomsoft, SalesForce & more.

Ready to scale your marketing game with Lead Sherpa™?